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Vuelos parapente Medellin

Experience the dream of flying with us."


We Are Vuelos parapente Medellín

At Vuelos Parapente Medellín, we take pride in being pioneers in adventure tourism, offering unique experiences that linger in the memory of every adventurer who chooses to fly with us. Our mission is to share the excitement and wonder of soaring through the skies, providing our visitors the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience.

This company was born from the desire of two friends passionate about tourism, determined to overcome the shortcomings existing in the industry. Together, we sought to create an agency that would exceed expectations, providing each adventurer with unforgettable moments when visiting our beautiful city and the department of Antioquia. We are inspired by the joy and love for adventure tourism, as well as the willingness to share unique emotions and experiences.


At Vuelos Parapente Medellín, we are committed to providing exceptional adventure experiences, exceeding our customers' expectations, and delivering unforgettable moments filled with excitement and joy.



 We aspire to be the leading adventure tourism agency in Medellín, recognized for our excellence in safety, customer service, and the ability to convey passion in every adventure we provide to our visitors.

Our team


Juan Betancur

Hello, I am 52 years old with 19 years of experience in tourism. Beyond the numbers, each flight with Vuelos Parapente Medellín is a story woven with passion and human connection. My dream of integrating cultures manifests in every face that shares the air with me. It's not just a job; it's a reality that comes to life with daily enthusiasm, feeding the essence of Vuelos Parapente Medellín with authenticity and emotion. I invite you to live this unique experience where flights are more than simple journeys; they are shared emotions in every adventure!


Yina Medrano

Greetings to all! I am 36 years old with one year of experience in the art of service. For me, being able to attend to people and witness those smiles of satisfaction is my true driving force. Every day, I find inspiration in making each interaction special. Let's go together to build moments full of joy and satisfaction


Camila Betancur Jaramillo

Hello everyone! I am a passionate 20-year-old with 4 years of experience in customer service. My fascination with being a trainee pilot has allowed me to develop unique skills to connect with every adventurer who longs to live the dream of flying. I understand the excitement and nerves, but my ability to calm those sensations comes from my own experience in the skies.

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